Quality motto of zenith aluminum casting foundry

Zenith aluminum casting foundry is committed to create value for you through continuous improvement. Our mission is to perform beyond expectations so that our customers are loyal all lifetime, our employees are rewarded with expanded opportunities, our corporation is strengthened by profitable growth and our goal of leadership is achievable.

Meeting your each need and expectation in quality and service determines our longevity. To attain your satisfaction, zenith aluminum casting foundry operates as an interactive team committed to Total Quality, thus creating an active and intelligent manufacturing environment.

Quality control procedures

Our and your Project quality is monitored by detailed Incoming, First Article, In-process, Final Inspection procedures and formal documentation.

1. Incoming quality checking (IQC):

All materials are inspected and documented upon arrival from approved suppliers. Documentation travels with each project through each critical process and testing.

2. In-process checking & audit(IPQC & IPQA)

In-process quality control is essential for the total quality of our products. The spot operators and the supervisors are double checking the work pieces in process to avoid delivering faults afterwards.

3. First article inspection(FAI)

At the every end of a process, first article of work piece must be fully checked by dimensions, tolerance, surface treatment and any other quality requirements.

4. Final quality checking and audit (FQC & FQA)

Final quality checking and final audits are performed to insure conformance to customer specifications. All test and measurement equipment is precisely calibrated to defined specifications and independently monitored to certify compliance.

The out going goods should pass through final quality checking by certain inspectors and final audits by the chief quality manager.

Quality control certification:

Zenith aluminum casting foundry continually strives to offer competitive pricing and on-time delivery while maintaining stringent standards of quality. As well known, continuous satisfying services of casting should be guaranteed by effective quality control system.

Zenith aluminum casting foundry went ahead of other local foundries to introduce third party authentication on 1999. The ISO9001 quality system turned out excellent result after one year operation. The casting defect rate was reduced dramatically leading to increase of profit margin. Most importantly, it provided an effective controllable system for such traditional foundry as us.

Zenith aluminum casting foundry successfully introduced ISO9001:2000 in 2000

Zenith aluminum casting foundry aimed to enter into automotive spare parts market on 1990´s. After two years of successful operation of ISO9001:2000, zenith aluminum casting foundry obtained QS9000 certification, which is the access for world automotive spare parts market.

Zenith aluminum casting foundry obtained QS9000 certification in 2002

Zenith aluminum casting foundry is planning to update our quality system to TS16949. We have got through first phase of authentication. All the quality tools of ISO/TS16949 has been implementing in our aluminum casting production. You are to obtained the final certification by the first quarter of 2009.

Zenith aluminum casting foundry is under application of TS16949

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