Sand casting equipments owned by zenith aluminum and brass casting foundry

Zenith aluminum and brass casting foundry has been dedicated in producing aluminum sand casting for more than 15 years.We have introduced complete and steady aluminum sand casting process. We have updated the some traditional machines with much advanced machine to facilitate aluminum sand casting process.

Aluminum sand casting equipment list

Sand core molding machine

  • 1.vertical sand core molding machine---250tons---two sets
  • 2.horizental sand core molding machine---250tons---two sets

Electronical melting furnace

  • 1.elcetronical melting furnace---2tons----one set
  • 2.elcetronical melting furnace---1ton----three sets
  • 3.elcetronical melting furnace---500kg----two sets

Cutting and cleaning machine

  • 1.vertical band saw----three sets
  • 2.horizontal band saw----two sets
  • 3.vertical suspending sand blasting machine---two sets
  • 4.barreling blasting machine---two sets

Heat treatment equipment

  • 1.heat treatment furnace----two sets
  • 2.quenching pool----one set

Machining lathe and other machines

  • 1.cnc lathe---five sets
  • 2.horizontal versatile lathe---three sets
  • 3.vertical milling machine----two sets
  • 4.drilling and tapping machine----fifteen(15)sets
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