Sand core for sand casting and gravity casting

what is the sand core? where is the sand core used?

Sand cores are used to mold some complicated inner structures of casting parts. Commonly both sand casting and gravity casting use sand cores to obtain inner features of a casting,where a solid metal or wooden core is not available because it can't be drawn out or is very hard to drawn out after solidification. Mostly speaking, as for some casting features which disable drawing, the sand core is used to carry out such features. After solidification, the sand core can be crushed by particular equipment.

what is the resin sand core? what is the resin sand core made from?

The forming material of the sand core had a great progress. Now,resin cores are commonly used in china sand casting industry. The yellow appearance is its typical feature. Resin sand can be made out by blending fine sand and resin with certain proportion. Different proportion can lead to different shrinkage rate of the sand core. And the resin sand core is subject to absorbing moisture. The damping sand core will affect the dimension and the surface quality of the casting part. So a special dry place should be arranged for storage of resin sand cores.

Sand core injection mold

How to make sand core? what is the sand core injection mold?

Resin sand cores are made by molds. A sand core injection mold is similar to a die casting mold. It is commonly made from carbon steel. The cavity and slide cores are used to obtain all of its features. Besides, the injection mold will add an attaching system to the sand core facilitating its being fixed on the sand pattern or metal die.

Sometimes, a complicated sand core injection mold can be expensive as much as or even more than a sand casting mold. That may make the customer confused. But it actually may happen.

Sand core injection facility

how does the sand core injection machine operate?

There are several kinds of sand core injection machines with different tonnage. Usually the horizontal injection machine has much more large size patterns than vertical one. The operation of an injection machine is quite simple. The resin sand is injected into the metal mold, and heated to be solid for a short while, then the desired resin sand core is taken out from the mold.

Zenith aluminum and brass casting foundry introduced advanced sand core injection line for aluminum and brass sand casting and gravity casting. We have 4 sets of injection machines, two large ones and two small ones.

FAQ's as to sand core of sand casting and gravity casting

How to make sand core?
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How to clean sand cores after solidification of castings?
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