Aluminum and brass gravity casting mold

Aluminum gravity casting molds can be separated into two kinds: one is for machine assisting aluminum gravity casting process;the other is for hand work aluminum gravity casting process.These two kind of gavity casing mold can work out identical products.On such point of view, their functions are the same.However, the mold for aluminum gravity casting machines, are used for automatic mass prodcution, thus it is much expensive.The other type of mold is only for hand work gravity casting,thus can be much cheap.

These two kinds of mold always have a same mold core just depended on the detailed features of the desired product.The mold for aluminum gravity casting must have some extra systems, at least the mold frame for being fixed on the machine. Even an advanced gravity casting machine may require other systems like ejection system, water cooling system, and specilized sprue system. Compared with such complicated mold, a gravity casting mold for hand work can be much simple and much cheap. It only needs a mold core with sprue system,and a versatile mold base.

gravity casting mold matching with gravity casting machine gravity casting mold matching with gravity casting machine

Because the brass gravity cast parts are always smaller parts. And a samll mold performing by gravity casting machine will lead to more production time therefore more production cost. So we always use the nude mold to perform casting rather than use a gravity casting mold.

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