Gravity casting facility list of Zenith Non-ferrous alloy Casting

Aluminum and brass gravity casting machine

horizontal gravity casting machine tiltable gravity casting machine 1.aluminum and brass garvity casting machine----vertical parting---400*300(mm) mounting plate---two sets
2.aluminum and brass garvity casting machine----horizontal parting---600*400(mm) mounting plate---one set

Sand core moulding machine

sand core injection machine sand core injection machine 1.vertical sand core moulding machine---250tons---two sets
2.horizental sand core moulding machine---250tons---two sets

Electronical metling furnace

1.elcetronical metling furnace---2tons----one set
2.elcetronical metling furnace---1ton----three sets
3.elcetronical metling furnace---500kg----two sets

Cutting and cleaning machine

sand blasting machine trimming and polishing machines 1.vertical band saw----three sets
2.horizontal band saw----two sets
3.vertical suspending sand blasting machine---two sets
4.barreling blasting machine---two sets

Heat treatment equipment

1.heat treatment furnace----two sets
2.quenching pool----one set

Machining lathe and other machines

1.cnc lathe---five sets
2.horizontal versatile lathe---three sets
3.vertical milling machine----two sets
4.drilling and tapping machine----fifteen(15)sets
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