Aluminum gravity cast rotation frame

The aluminum cast rotation frame is a small gravity casting part which is exported to Belgium. The casting material of this cast part is ZL101A which is approximate to EN AC AlSi7Mg0.3. We totally take 15 days to finish the gravity casting mold for the cast rotation base. The critical point for this gravity casting is its 2mm fins in the complicated inner body. Actually we use resin sand core to obtain such features. The raw casting part was bored with 3mm wide cutter during machining to achieve a axle hole with tight tolerance...

Read more 06th Feb., 2009

Aluminum gravity cast gaspipe

The aluminum cast gas pipe was made by metal mold gravity casting process with aluminum casting alloy of ZL102. The permanent mold for the pipe totally took us 30 days to finish with its sand core injection mold. The main trouble for this gravity cast gaspipe is its high requirement about concentricity of the two circular ends. Besides, its main wall thickness is only 2.5 mm which is subject to deformation while solidification. Most efforts was paid to match the sand core to the aluminum pattern, because any matching deviation will lead to deviate the concentricity....

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