2009 China Casting International / 7th Non-Ferrous & Special Casting

2009 China Casting International

China has become the biggest producer across the world in terms of casting output, with the total output of 2006 reaching 28,094,000 tons by altogether 30,000 manufacturers.The casting consumption of china local market has increased 10% every year since 2000 and looks set to grow even faster annually over the next few years. As largest casting production country all over the world, the importance and position of China in global supply-chain in mounting.

The casting product as finished, comprehensible result of the foundry technology will again be the center of attention on the occasion of China Casting International.

China Casting International is set to develop into a comprehensive marketplace for a range of industries: Automotive,power supply,machine tools, aviation, aerospace,rail traffic, shipbuilding,mechanical and plant engineering,valve and pipeline, the construction industry,electrical and electronic engineering.

Exhibits Groups:

Ferrous Casting,Iron, steel and malleable castings.
Nonferrous metal castings-Aluminum,zinc,copper,magnesium,nickel and other nonferrous metal foundries.

7th Non-ferrous and special casting 2009 The 7th china international non-ferrous, die casting,precision and lost form exhibition

Recent years,coupled with the rapid development of automobile,electronics,aviation,aerospace,medical equipment,power supply and mechanical engineering industry in china, the demand of non-ferrous casting leads to a trend of lightweight construction,intelligent manufacturing, and digitalized control for efficient and sustainable use of scant resources, Special casting process,applied in manufacturing aluminum,magnesium and other nonferrous casting,have been extensively applied in various industries in china,promoting increasing demand for relevant non-ferrous and special casting equipment and materials.The tradeshow has forged a unique platform for understanding innovations and technologies in this sector.

Exhibits Group:

equipment for investment casting , die casting ,low pressure, gravity die casting, vacuum process molding,full mold casting and continuous casting.

Material: foundry raw and auxiliary materials

Relevant equipment for: melting,pouring,cleaning and cutting of casting,heat treatment, surface treatment,quality control,testing and environment protection at workplace.

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Attending 2008 World Aluminum Industry Messe In Essen Germany

Aluminium 2008,the biggest and most significant fair of the global aluminium industry is taking place from 23-25 September in Essen. 870 companies from 46 countries presented their latest technological achievements in the Essen exhibition halls.The exhibitors mainly involve aluminium processing and finishing sector,particularly like aluminium surface treatment products and technology and aluminium casting products and technology.

Zenith aluminium and brass casting foundry had the pleasure to attend the world central meeting of aluminium industry as a china aluminium casting foundry. We refreshed our mind and widened our eyes about aluminum industry and made many foreign friends from aluminium casting industry,establishing more confidence in the future development of our small aluminum casting foundry.

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Shaoxing Chino Stainless Steel Mill sets up

Shaoxing Chino Stainless steel mill sets up on Aug 08 2008,which is invested by Shengzhou Cenfit Machinery Company, which is one of the world largest sprocket manufacture. The new stainless steel mill occupies 280000 m ² having innovative steel plate rolling mill, which can have an annual yield of 0.2 million tons of stainless steel plate. The stainless steel plates mainly supply local market.

Besides,in the succeeding program, an iron casting workshop will be set up specializing in large size of casting. The iron casting workshop can consume some additive products of stainless steel mill,and share some large facility like large electrical furnace.

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Crossing sea bridge shortens distance between shanghai and Ningbo

On May 1st, the crossing sea bridge starts service for transportation. Form now on, the car ride between Shanghai and Ningbo is shorted dramatically to half and an hour. You can visit our foundry more convenient.When you arrive at Putong International Airport, you can take an express bus to Ningbo directly in two-three hours.It is also convenient for us to pick you up or meet you at Shanghai.The crossing sea bridge shortens the distance between you and us.

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