Anodizing for aluminum casting parts

Anodizing is often requested for aluminum casting parts by many customers. Zenith aluminum casting has been handling such cases in recent years. As our experience, ordinary casting aluminum alloys always contain highly element of silicon to increase fluidity during casting process. Such high silicon content leads to only two colors as black and gray available for dyeing aluminum casting parts with application of anodizing. So a common anodizing process used for aluminum casting parts is called black hard coat anodizing. It is the very anodizing process now available by zenith aluminum casting. If you have updated technique for anodizing of aluminum casting parts, especially of aluminum die casting parts, please inform us. We are willing to pay for any advanced technique in the field.

Only black and gray hard coat anodizing is available by zenith aluminum casting

Advantage of anodizing:

1.Improvement of corrosion resistance: Aluminum oxide is grown out of the surface during anodizing and then becomes aluminum hydrate that is extremely hard to protect the aluminum casting parts much more efficient than natural aluminum casting parts .

2. Retaining various dyeing: The porous nature of the anodized layer allows the product to be dyed any color that is required.

black anodized gravity casting parts show

Disadvantage of anodizing:

1.Low thermal conductivity : Anodized coatings have a much lower thermal conductivity and coefficient of linear expansion than aluminum. As a result, the coating will crack from thermal stress if exposed to temperatures above 80 °C. The coating can crack, but it will not peel.

2.difficult to weld: The melting point of aluminum oxide is 2050 °C, much higher than pure aluminum's 658 °C. This can make welding more difficult.

3.causing change of dimension: During anodizing, the aluminum oxide is grown down into the surface and out from the surface by equal amounts. So anodizing will increase the aluminum casting dimensions on each surface by half of the oxide thickness. If the part is anodized on all sides, then all linear dimensions will increase by the oxide thickness.

4.low wear resistance: Anodized aluminum surfaces are harder than aluminum but have low to moderate wear resistance, although this can be improved with thickness and sealing.

FAQ's about anodizing for aluminum sand casting and gravity casting parts

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