E-coating for aluminum casting products

Introduction of e-coating process for aluminum casting parts

Electrophoresis coating can also be referred to e-coating,electrodeposite coating, electrocoating, electrophoretic coating and catophoretic painting etc. In any case the aluminum casting parts are immersed into solution in an electrified tank containing the required paint. The paint is drawn to the aluminum casting parts, where the addition or subtraction of electrons change the paint from ions in solution to solid particles adhering to the aluminum casting parts.

Main function of e-coating on aluminum casting parts

Advantage of e-coated aluminum casting: E-coating on the aluminum casting surface can serve as protective layer with high corrosion resistance. It is also used as a primer coating for further surface coating like powder coating or stove varnishing. Such means can obtain a surface portective coating with very high corrosion resistance. Besides, the e-coated surface can have a better wire resistance than the nude aluminum casting parts.

Another positive function of e-coating is that it can serve as a decorative means, though it only has an unique black color.

Disadvantage of e-coating for aluminum casting parts: The layer of e-coating will affect the surface conductivity of heat and electricity.Thus we usually use silicon glue to protect the nearby area where it should be free from e-coating for aluminum casting products.

Commercial application of e-coated aluminum casting

E-coated aluminum cast parts are mostly used in automotive industry. And commonly such e-coated parts are required for high surface corrosion resistance. Some aluminum cast auto parts which are used outside are asked to e-coat before stoving varnish.

Beside automotive industry, the e-coated aluminum cast parts are also popular in other machinery industry for outside housing or frame parts

Colors available for e-coated aluminum castings

Zenith aluminum and brass casting offer electrophoresis coating for some high quality products. The common color of the electrophoresis coating available for zenith aluminum casting is black. Of course other colors are also available. But a single electrophoresis coating tank can be only used for one color, thus if the color is not common, high cost occurs.

FAQ's as to electrophoresis for aluminum casting

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