Post treatment for aluminum and brass casting

Post treatments are gradually coming important for metal casting industry. Many mechanical or chemical properties should be improved or adjusted by post treatments. Post treatments can be divided into different types according to their function or process. For example, there are several surface treatments available for aluminum and brass casting parts such as anodizing, electroplating, powder coating, and painting. All these surface treatments can sever both as a decoration means and a corrosion resistance means. Such treatments only affect the surface structure of the casting parts while there are other post treatments which affect the inner structure of the casting parts like heat treatment, impregnation. Heat treatment can improve the hardness and roughness of the casting parts, and the impregnation can heal the inner pores of castings.

Zenith Aluminum and Brass Casting Foundry as a professional aluminum and brass casting manufacturer is familiar with various kinds of post treatments for aluminum and brass casting. Beside outsourcing of some environment affecting treatments from professional factories, we can do heat treatment, polishing including mirror polishing, sand blasting, tumbling and ultrasonic cleaning by ourselves.

Various post treatments available for sand casting and gravity casting parts

  • anodizing,hard anodizing,black anodizing
  • electroplating,nickel plating,chrome plating,zinc plating
  • painting,lacquering,stoving varnish
  • powder coating
  • impregnation
  • e-coating,electrophoresis,electrodeposite coating
  • polishing, mirror polishing
  • passivation, phosphating
  • heat treatment
  • plastic film coating
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